MOVE: Arrow Keys INTERACT: Spacebar
Hint: Try turning the TV, and interacting with the door

This was the state of my first LD37 attempt, just 15min after the deadline. >.<

(currently more work needs to be done to prevent you from just fleeing through the door each time....)

The theme was "One Room" and the original intention was a game where you kept trying to escape the room and would find yourself back, but later levels could be more complex.

What I accomplished in that time was a limited amount of pixel art and a game which does at least demonstrate user interaction with objects (TV / Door) multiple states (2 levels, intro, win and death screens), with animation and sounds.

It was frustrating to be unable to have something quite working by the deadline, but it was a great experience, and I would like to continue working on this a little, to realise my original concept.

UPDATE 18-Dec: Added some fake lighting effects and support for exiting up the stairs.


source code (latest) 192 kB
source code (Ludum Dare 37 version) 189 kB

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